How to buy rental property is not that difficult, especially in today’s market. The actual purchase itself you just want to talk to a traditional mortgage banker, or commercial banker, depending on how many properties [More]
Buying property in Spain can be daunting, and there are particular matters to be aware of when buying a rural property. Jonathan Eshkeri of E&G Solicitors in Spain takes you through the important steps to [More]
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I explain three options for selling your old home and buying a new one. Specifically, when to set your possession dates. IMPORTANT NOTE: In my video I say that the condition date is the date [More]
Lee Barrison, from the hardest working in Bakersfield, Discusses some advantages in selling your home during the holiday season.
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Here you’ll learn how to sell your home for top dollar in any market. I share some of my secrets that myself and my team, The Property Partners, use to sell over 300+ homes a [More]
Buying property in the Caribbean / Dominican Republic
How to buy property with No mortgage, No Deposit, No Problem! Part 1 In Malaysia, property is getting so expensive and it’s getting harder to borrow money from the banks to buy the houses we [More] Too many people rush into a home just because they don’t like the idea of “wasting money” on rent. This simple decision of buying a home has huge consequences to your financial future. [More]
Home Selling Webinar – This webinar will teach you everything you need to know about selling a house. See “Time Stamps” below. Contact me: In this home selling webinar you will learn how to [More]
a quick tutorial showing in gta 5 online how to sell your house just in case you bought an apartment and you kind of regret it and want to get rid of it so this [More] One of the greatest skills that a real estate investor can acquire is the ability to write compelling property listings that sell properties quickly. Selling real estate is actually a lot of fun! [More]
Barry Baker of Ohio Real Estate Auctions talks about selling your property at Auction
Negotiation is often a vital aspect of obtaining a property. Generally, the negotiation procedure in asymmetric due to the fact the owner is more familiar with the house as compared to the buyer. In the [More]
VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Option one is default – most people buy a property into their own name. Very simple, it’s in your name. The problem is if you run in to trouble you could lose your [More]
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